PhD Students
MS Students
  • Rishabh Chhabra, UIUC (2020 – Present)
  • Licheng Luo, UIUC (2020 – Present)
  • Tianrui Hu, VT (2018 – 2020) → PhD at Northeastern
  • Chao Xu, VT (2018 – 2020) → ByteDance
  • Jiamin Wang, VT (2018 – 2020) → TSMC Technology
  • Peng Peng, VT (2017 – 2019) → Palo Alto Networks
  • Xiangwen Wang, VT (2017 – 2019) → Google
  • Chun Wang, VT (2016 – 2018) → IBM
Undergraduate Students
  • Saidivya Ashok, UIUC (2020 – Present)
  • Zhengdai Hu, UIUC (2020 – Present)
  • Nicholas Wang, UIUC (2020 – Present)
  • Olivia Figueira, Santa Clara University, summer intern (2020 – Present)
  • Shihan Lin, Fudan, summer intern (2019 - 2020) → PhD at Duke
  • Luke Quinn, VT (2018 – 2019) → MITRE
  • Douglas Bossart, VT (2017 – 2019) → U.S. Army ERDC
  • Huandong Wang (PhD Tsinghua), co-advised w/ Yong Li
  • Faysal Hossain Shezan (PhD UVA)
  • Wenbo Guo (PhD PSU)
  • Xiaojun Xu (PhD UIUC)
  • Jose Rodrigo Sanchez Vicarte (PhD UIUC)
  • Natã Barbosa (PhD UIUC)
  • Shuofei Zhu (PhD PSU)
  • Huan Yan (PhD Tsinghua)
  • Chen Gao (PhD Tsinghua)
  • Zhen Tu (PhD Tsinghua)
  • Ying Dong (PhD UCAS)
  • Mshabab Alrizah (PhD PSU)
  • Sazzadur Rahaman (PhD VT, 2020) → Assistant Professor at University of Arizona
  • Dongliang Mu (PhD Nanjing Univ., 2020) → Associate Professor at HUST
  • Qing Zhang (PhD VT, 2020) → Assistant Professor at SUNY Oswego
  • Joseph Messou (undergraduate VT, 2019) → MS at VT
  • Alejandro Cuevas (undergraduate PSU, 2019) → PhD at CMU
  • Shinan Liu (undergraduate UESTC, 2019) → PhD at UChicago
  • Shiliang Tang (PhD UCSB, 2019) → Facebook
  • Xinyi Zhang (PhD UCSB, 2019) → Facebook
  • Kexiong (Curtis) Zeng (PhD VT, 2018)→ Facebook
  • Bolun Wang (PhD UCSB, 2018) → Facebook
  • Ke Tian (PhD VT, 2018) → Microsoft
  • Rupinder Paul (PhD VT, 2018) → Moody's Analytics
  • Fang Liu (PhD VT, 2017) → Palo Alto Networks
  • Alex Kedrowitsch (MS VT, 2017)→ Instructor at West Point
  • Divya Sambavisan (MS UCSB, 2015)→ Yelp
  • Allen Chang (BS/MS UCSB, 2013) → Box
  • Manish Mohanlal (MS UCSB, 2012) → Yelp
  • Konark Gill (MS UCSB, 2012) → Facebook
  • Troy Steinbauer (MS UCSB, 2011) → Zynga
  • Megan McQueen (San Marcos High, 2015)→ Undergraduate at Yale
  • Emily Pan (Harker School, 2015)→ Undergraduate at Caltech

Q: Why UIUC PhD Program?

UIUC has one of the top computer science programs around the world. You can find more information about the CS department. CS Rankings is another useful website to search for active faculty members in different research areas in computer science.

Q: What are you looking for in prospective students?

I am always looking for passionate, hard-working students to join my research group. Among other things, I think self-motivation is very important. As a PhD student, you are expected to lead one or more projects (e.g., after 1-2 years) and proactively drive the research agenda. I also like students who are energetic and curious, which are critical qualities to identify interesting research problems and find new solutions. Regarding technical skills, I expect students to be competent programmers. In addition, my research area involves extensive data analytics. I expect students to have basic knowledge of statistcs.

Q: What should I do if I want to work with you?

The best thing to do is to read several of my recent papers, and then write me a brief email (with your CV attached) explaining: 1) which papers you like and why, and 2) what research problems you are interested in. Please understand that I receive a lot of unsolicited emails from prospective students, so I may not be able to respond to all inquiries.

My primary research area is security and privacy in the web and mobile systems. I am also interested in data mining and machine learning. If you are not interested in any of those areas, then I am not the right advisor for you. If you haven't been admitted to UIUC, I suggest you going through the application process first. You can mention my name in your application so that I can easily find your case.

Important Note: for international students, please be sure to take the TOEFL test before applying to the PhD program (speaking >= 24). Please note that the TOEFL score is needed even for international students who did their undergraduate/MS studies in the US as long as you need financial aid (TA/RA). This basically applies to all PhD students. The detailed explanation is here (pay attentoion to the Financial Aid Consideration section).

Q: I am a Masters/Undergraduate student at UIUC, can I join your research projects?

Absolutely! I always enjoy working with masters/Undergraduate students who are interested in doing research. If you are already enrolled in UIUC, the best way of action is to take my class. Students who excel in class and actively participate have the best chance to join my lab to work on real research projects.